We are also offering smoked maple bacon, great with breakfast, BLTs, burgers, potato salads, green salads and in and on just about anything you want to put bacon in or on! We are still in the beginning phase of our bacon project because of the lengthy time it takes to brine bacon. Our bacon brines for a minimum of 7 days in a salt / sugar / maple syrup brine. This also requires much refrigerator space so until we are fully equipped, we only offer our bacon by phone or email orders through our Facebook page or website. Our bacon is delivered thick sliced by the kilo, sealed for storage. After we brine the tocino entero for 1 week, we smoke it at a low temperature for several hours with coffee firewood from the caf├ętal that we live on in San Isidro de Grecia.
PLEASE NOTE, OUR SAUSAGE CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED WITHIN THE CENTRAL VALLEY AREA AND UPON CONFIRMATION. We do not have distribution for this product and it needs to be refrigerated.

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Currently our brine contains pink salt, also know as curing salt. If you would like us to use a nitrate free cure, please request in the comments. We will use a salt and sugar brine with beet juice to give the meat a pink color often lost without the use of pink salts. Also, the expiration date will be less than 1 week without the use of pink salts.

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