We currently offer 4 flavors of sausage. We offer Spicy Italian and Regular Italian Sausage, both with fennel and smoked. We also offer a spicy Breakfast Sausage that is smoked with sage. We also make a green onion and garlic smoked Ranchero Sausage. We sell all our sausage by the kilo. 

PLEASE NOTE, OUR SAUSAGE CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED WITHIN THE CENTRAL VALLEY AREA AND UPON CONFIRMATION. We do not have distribution for this product and it needs to be refrigerated.
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Our smoked sausage contains pink salt, also know as curing salt. If you would like us to use a nitrate free cure, please request in the comments when placing your order. Please note that the meat will lose the pink color without the use of pink salts and tends to turn a grayish color when smoked. Also, the expiration date will be less than 1 week without the use of pink salts.

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